Utilizamos las cookies de Google Analytics para realizar medición y análisis estadístico de la navegación de nuestros visitantes y mejorar así nuestra oferta de productos y servicios. Al navegar por nuestra web, entendemos que aceptas su instalación.
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Cookies policy

A cookie is a file which is downloaded on to your computer to enable access to specific web pages. Cookies allow websites to, among other things, store and recover information about the browsing habits of users or their equipment and depending on the information contained and the way the equipment is used, this can be used to recognise the user.

What cookies are used by our website?
Our own
Session cookies, which our web server generates automatically for the maintenance of the session to handle different requests from the same browser.
Third parties
Browsing on our website entails the installation of cookies from Google Analytics: Google Analytics uses its cookies to carry out statistical measurement and analysis of the use made by visitors to our website and thus to improve our offer of products and services. You can read more about this here..

Can I browse the website without using the cookies?
Yes, although if you do this you may not be able to use all the functions. You can deactivate the cookies, modifying the configuration of the browser options.
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If you use another browser, we recommend you incorporate the cookies configuration into your search preferences.