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Available services
 Shopping provisions on arrival at the property 40 €
more_vert Shopping provisions on arrival at the property


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close Shopping provisions on arrival at the property

Mallorca House Rent can arrange to purchase some shopping for you so that everything you need is available on your arrival at the house. This service is ideal for visitors arriving at night or when supermarkets are closed. (Please note this service is only available for properties managed by Mallorca House Rent.)

Taxi service for the property According to the route
more_vertTaxi service for the property


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closeTaxi service for the property

If you want to eat out without having to take a car or if you want a taxi to take you to the airport, simply get in touch with us and we will organise this for you. Price: depends on the journey

Chef at home from € 30 / person
more_vertChef at home


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closeChef at home

If you want to organise a special dinner at the house during your stay, we can organise a chef who will come to the house and prepare a wonderful meal. We have a choice of menus or you can opt for your own personalised menu with the best seasonal ingredients from local producers.
Paella menu from € 19 / person
Tapas menu from € 27 / person
Barbecue menu from € 29 / person

Babysitting service 15 € / Hour
more_vertBabysitting service


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closeBabysitting service

We also provide a nanny service for our clients. If you want to, for example, go out for dinner we can arrange for a nanny to come to your holiday home and take care of your child or children, meaning you can enjoy peace of mind of knowing they are safe. Price: from 15 Euros per hour.

Cycle hire from € 10 / day
more_vertCycle hire


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closeCycle hire

If you would like to enjoy the area surrounding your holiday home by bike we can organise this for you, dropping off a rented bike at your house and picking it up afterwards. Price: from 10 Euros per day

Massage from € 75 / hour


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A new concept of massage at home. Quiromassage. 75 euros/ hour Lymphatic drainage: 75 euros/ hour Reflexolgy: 75 euros/ hour Sport Massage: 85 euros/hour Essentials oilsAbhyanga - Ayuveda: 85 euros/hour

Excursion to Llaut 170 € / Person
more_vertExcursion to Llaut


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closeExcursion to Llaut

Get to know the beautiful port of Portocolom, discover its charms and enjoy the best produce of Mallorca. We offer excursions to Llaut, leaving from Portocolom, enabling you to enjoy one of the most lovely areas of the island, the virgin coast in the eastern part of Mallorca. CLASSIC TOUR: 2 people: 170 € 3 people: 210 € 4 people: 250 € 5 people: 275 € 6 people: 300 € Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours Departure times: 9:00 hours 13:00 hours 17:00 hours Maximum 6 passengers SPECIAL TOUR: 1 – 3 people: 255 € 4 – 6 people: 375 € Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours Departures: 10:00 hours 16:30 hours Maximum 6 passengers

Discover artisanal fishing 80 €/person
more_vertDiscover artisanal fishing


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closeDiscover artisanal fishing

We organise excursions where you can spend a day learning about Mallorca’s traditional artisanal fishing craft, in particular trammel net fishing, while enjoying the sea in all its splendour. Price per person: 80 €

Photographic session in the finca from 150 €
more_vertPhotographic session in the finca


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closePhotographic session in the finca

Why not enjoy a professional photo shoot with your family or friends while staying in the finca and take back an unforgettable memento of your holidays in Majorca. Couple’s photoshoot: 150 Euros Family photoshoot: 200 Euros Wedding photoshoot: 1,500 Euros

Food among trees 40 €
more_vertFood among trees


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closeFood among trees

Terragust offers the opportunity to recover the origins of the countryside, living a unique experience that unites nature and gastronomy in which to discover where food comes from, how it is grown and when it is collected for commercialization and consumption.

Catering Under petition


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Your wedding is unique. That's why we offer you the possibility to organize your catering individually. Simply select a appropriate arrangement and then imagine the rich offer fitting with meals together. Individual and personal service. More than this impossible
Standard food arrangement:
2 parts as fast food for fingers, 2 parts as appetizer or soups, 2 side dishes, 1x fish selection to cook live or 1x selection cooking live meat, 1x selection of desserts
Premium food arrangement:
3 parts as fast food for fingers, 2 parts as appetizer or soups, 3 different dishes, 1x fish selection to cook live or 2x selection of live meat, 2x dessert.
Exclusive food arrangement:
3 parts as fast food for fingers, 3 parts as appetizer or soups, 3 side dishes, 2x fish selection to cook live, 2x live selection cooking meat, 2x desserts selection.