General conditions

Terms and services

This agreement describes the Terms and General Conditions applicable to the use of services offered by Mallorca House Rent, S.L. (hereinafter “MHR”), with VAT-Nr. ESB57749343 (company tax code number), within the sites and Any person who wishes to hire these services has to do it in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions. MHR assumes that the user of the services has read and understood these Terms and Conditions.
2.1. MHR offers on its sites the provision of intermediation services between property owners and the end customer, so that the different tourist services, such as cleaning and maintenance, will be provided by the property.
2.2. The obligations as a MHR intermediary are restricted therefore to the bookings management undertaken on behalf of the owner, so that the latter will be responsible for fulfilling the obligations inherent to the stay.
2.3. The services that offer MHR include the comprehensive management of bookings until the handover of the keys and the provision of a 24 hours telephone number at the customer’s disposal as a support during the stay in the hired accommodation. In the latter case, MHR agrees to intermediate, when necessary, between the customer and the property for the resolution of any inconvenience that may appear during the stay.
3.1. Bookings and information requests can be carried out by telephone, fax, email or via any of the forms that MHR has available on its webpage.
3.2. A booking request is not binding until the customer has accepted the offer and made the prepayment as detailed in the following paragraph.
3.3. The prepayment will be required to formalize a booking. The aforesaid prepayment may vary depending on the hired accommodation; even though it will in no case exceed the 45% of the total amount of the booking.
3.4. MHR will only confirm a booking when it can be verified that the requested prepayment has been made. In that moment, the booking confirmation will be sent together with other details.
3.5. The rest payment of the total amount can either be paid at the moment of handing over the keys or by bank transfer before arrival.

4.1. All prices published on our webpage include VAT, electricity and water consumption, as well as cleaning as specified in each accommodation.
4.2. MHR can modify the published prices on its webpage at their convenience and without prior notice, so that the customer cannot claim any discount once received the booking confirmation.
4.3. The customer agrees as valid the prices published on our webpage at the time of the booking formalisation.
4.4. In some properties, the owner may require the payment of a deposit to cope with possible breakage, loss of objects or damage that may occur during the stay. This deposit will be refunded to the customer by bank transfer, within a maximum time period of five days upon customer check-out and once the owner has been able to evaluate the condition of the accommodation and belongings.
4.5. The information concerning the deposit amount, in case of being required, is located in the corresponding file of each property.
5.1. The check-in and check-out is subject to the following schedules: check-in from 4.00pm hours and check-out until 10.00am.
5.2. MHR undertakes, together with the property, to try to modify the scheduled check-in adapting it to the customer’s needs as far as possible. In this case, the customer shall make a written request asking its modification within the last week before the arrival.
5.3. The customer may also request the modification of the scheduled check-out. In this case, it shall be notified to the responsible person handing over the keys at the moment of the arrival for its evaluation.
5.4. In some cases the check-in and check-out schedule may vary regarding the mentioned one in 5.1. If so, these schedules will be specified in the corresponding file of each property.
6.1. The customer has the right to cancel a booking at any time. Such cancellation shall be made in writing and handed over to MHR with all convenient dispatch. MHR will only cancel a booking at the moment when such written cancellation is received.
6.2. In the event of cancellation, the amounts to be returned are the following:
6.2.1. For cancellations received 90 days or more prior the scheduled arrival date, the guest shall pay 15% of the total of the booking
6.2.2. For cancellations received 89 to 60 days prior the arrival date, the guest shall pay 25% of the total of the booking
6.2.3. For cancellations received 59 to 43 days prior the arrival date, the guest shall pay 50% of the total of the booking
6.2.4. For cancellations received less than 43 days prior the arrival date or in case of nonappearance of the customer, the customer shall pay 90% of the total amount of the booking. In this case, MHR reserves the right to claim to the customer through any procedure the payment of the suitable amount
For all the above mentioned, we strongly recommend to contract a cancellation insurance policy.
6.3. The periods described in the previous paragraph refer to the moment in which MHR receives the written cancellation.

6.4 Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer our clients the following cancellation policies:

  • In case of restrictions or recommendations such as not traveling, obligation to present negative PCR or quarantines: free cancellation up to 30 days before arrival.
  • In case of force majeure such as a traveling prohibition or a ban on our part from hosting clients: free cancellation at all times.
  • In case of no restrictions or prohibitions: the general cancellation policies will prevail at the time the reservation is confirmed.
The restrictions and prohibitions that are discussed will refer to the possible impact on the day of scheduled arrival in Mallorca

7.1. Reasons for the booking cancellation by the owner may be the following:
7.1.1. Breakage or damage due to an inappropriate use by the customer or the other companions.
7.1.2. Noise or nuisance to neighbours or to other people.
7.1.3. Not respecting the rules imposed by the owner in the property, as swimming-pool schedule or use of the air conditioning.
7.1.4. Not paying the rest of the total amount of the booking at the moment of the handover of keys or not paying a deposit in the properties where it is required.
7.2. In the cases 7.1.1, 7.1.2 and 7.1.3 the customer is not entitled to a reimbursement by the property or by MHR.
7.3. In the case 7.1.4. the provisions set forth in paragraph 6.2.4. prevail.
7.4. If, for external reasons, the hired property could not be used, MHR will try to offer another property of the same or higher quality than the originally hired. If the customer did not accept this alternative, the cancellation policy detailed in the paragraph 4.2. will prevail. In case that MHR could not offer any alternative, the 100% of the amount paid up to that point will be refunded. In both cases, the booking will be expired.
8.1. As mentioned in 2.2. of these Terms and Conditions the liability of MHR is limited to the services that they offer as intermediary.
8.2. MHR is not responsible for the care and maintenance management of facilities, good condition of appliances, swimming-pool cleaning and in general any duty that the landlord or owner is responsible for.
8.3. MHR is not liable for external factors which may affect the booking or the use of the dwelling, as neighbourhood noise, works, power or water supply cutoff, presence of insects or other animals, theft, accidents, etc.
8.4. MHR is also not liable for any inconvenience caused by force majeure, like strike, war, earthquake, storm or other social, natural or religious conflict.
8.5. All the information and photos offered on our webpage are truthful and they keep to the moment in which the properties were registered in our system, so that MHR is not liable for subsequent changes concerning the furniture, arrangement, equipment or in the structure of properties. Even so, MHR undertakes to update regularly the information offered in their webpage regarding the properties they offer.
8.6. Any external service contracted through MHR, such as car hire, purchase of airplane tickets, excursions, insurances and other ones are ruled by Terms and Conditions of the companies that offer the aforesaid services. MHR is not liable for any claim or error in the service imputable to these companies.
9.1. As mentioned in 2.3, MHR provides a 24 hours assistance telephone at the customer’s disposal for possible problems during the stay. The customer shall inform MHR with all convenient dispatch of any detected circumstances which may affect the dwelling use. MHR undertakes, together with the owner, to try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
9.2. In the event that a problem or issue imputable to the property, which may affect the good use of the dwelling and that has been appropriately notified, couldn’t have been solved, the customer has the right to a subsequent complaint, detailed and in writing, about a reimbursement for compensation. The amount of this reimbursement will be agreed between the customer and the property with the mediation of MHR.
9.3. By all the above mentioned, neither the property nor MHR will attend to later complaints after the customer’s check-out that have not been notified during the stay and in due time.